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Catch up on all the latest news, updates and stories from our work in Bangladesh.


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Our quarterly news-sheets are full of images and information on all the important work we're doing in Bangladesh.
And our stories and articles highlight specific cases, children, people, and projects that we're working with and on.

Latest news from Bangladesh.

APRIL 2022

Latest news from Bangladesh.


Latest news from Bangladesh.


Latest news from Bangladesh

JUNE 2021


Arkon's Story

Arkon was found by one of our field workers, almost totally blind, but we have managed to get him the treatment he needs.

Success at latest Eye Camps - 2021

Below are videos and images from some of the patients treated at our Eye Camp in 2021. Nearly 800 people have now been screened, 145...

Why we do what we do...

When we receive videos like this, of the life-changing work happening in Bangladesh, all because of our little charity, we are reminded...

Munni's Story

Sometimes we find children for whom the help we can give is very limited. Munni was one such little girl. She was born with a congenital...

Children of the Tea Garden

The childhood mortality in Bangladesh is 48 out of 1,000 births, but for the Tea Garden people it's even higher as a mothers diet is not...

What is life like in the Tea Garden?

The Tea Gardens of Bangladesh are an area of great poverty and an underprivileged people. Due to extremely poor living conditions,...

Khadiza's Story

In 2019 the charity was contacted on Facebook by a young man called Sham...

Bangladesh and Covid-19

See how we're helping those in Bangladesh during Covid-19

Project Tea Garden

Find out about Project Tea Garden - a three month fundraiser to raise £5,000.

Hashi's Story

The beautiful story of Hashi