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Arkon's Story

Updated: Jan 19, 2022

Arkon was found by one of our field workers. He was almost totally blind and unable to go to school or enjoy life in any way. After professional examination at BNSB Eye Hospital, Arkon was found to have cataracts.

He had already had one eye operated on and was seen by the same field worker, on her return to the tea gardens, to be trying to read a book.

Arkon is currently waiting for his second eye to be operated on. His life will change for good after his surgery as he will be able to attend school, go to work and hopefully get married.

Below is the report from Ivan our Field Manager in the Tea Gardens:

"Among the four siblings Arkon was the 4th child and he was 6 years old. His mother died 5days after his birth. His father is Mintu Das and he is an non-registered employee of tea garden. He grew up with his grandmother. They lives in a khejuri tea garden. Arkon had a eye problems a year after he was born and had cataracts in his both eyes. His eye condition worsens due to lack of proper nutrition. Unawareness about health and hygiene makes them more susceptible to various health hazards, which causes them ill health. They are so poor. Through the Mamoni’s survey,Arkon’s father know about the eye treatment and Arkon get his first treatment through the VFB. In August (2020) he has taken to BNSB Eye hospital in Moulvibazar for treatment. The doctor examined him and gave him medicines and few eye test. They said that Arkon will have cataract surgery after few some days. He was taken to the BNSB Hospital again the following month and had an eye examination. The doctor gave him a date for the operation and on that day he had the operation. Dr. Aminul Islam operated on him. His right eye has been operated and the left will be done later. They were so poor that they could not afford the surgery. VFB has brought light to the dark future of this little kid. They were very grateful to VFB. This poor boy lost his mother after his birth, then he lost his proper eye vision. He can’t get his mother back but he gets his right eye vision. That is a great thing for him. After his mother died, he grew up with his grandmother. He did not get breast milk, and did not get nutritious food after his birth that would increase his immunity. So within a year of his birth, he developed cataracts in his both eyes and could not get proper treatment due to lack of money. His father had no permanent job. As he grew up, neglect towards him also began to grow up. After he was admitted to the school, he did not go to school every day because he could read well. Previous condition before treatment 1 day after operation He could not even play with the other kids. He used to work in the house with his grandmother. He had a lot of pain inside that many kids around him go to school, plays but he can’t. Now he goes to private school(school closed due to corona), plays with his friends. He reads books. He is very interested in studies. He can walk alone now. Before that he needed a partner. Although he is not yet fully able to see with two eyes, he can see with the right eye. After a few more days his left eye will be operated. He has grown up with neglect since childhood. To a child, his mother is his closest friend, closest person. The child grows up with the immunity inherited from the mother. But his mother died after his birth due to malnutrition. So what nutrition and immunity will she give her child? She herself is a victim of malnutrition. Her husband could not feed her nutritious food while she was pregnant due to poverty. And Arkon grew up in this poverty. After his mother died, there was no one to raise him properly, his grandmother was also very old. She could not take proper care even if he wanted to. His father was busy to work that he couldn’t take care of his. Thus he grows in the midst of poverty and grows with neglect. After the operation Arkon thanked us with a very nice smile. He was very happy to think that he would be able to go to school, play with friends. He was very sad at this young age but he is very happy now. His father, grandmother and brother all are very happy and they are very grateful to the VFB. They gave thanks to the VFB. He is reading book after operation."

To help a child like Arkon, please consider donating to our work via our donate page.

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