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Funding New Awareness Camps - UPDATED Aug 2021

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.

- Chinese philosopher, Lao Tzu

This is the approach we are taking to fund our new awareness initiative camps. We desperately want to help the Tea Garden people move forward, in terms of their health, and their children’s future.

Around 80% of the Tea Garden children have stunted growth

We want to educate them to understand the importance of nutrition, sanitation, washing of hands, and diseases common to them locally, in order that they can implement the change themselves.

And we can do all this for only £250 per camp.

Most of the under 5’s have a childhood full of illness

Over the next few months we are funding a team of healthcare professionals to do Awareness Camps in as many Tea Gardens as possible (money permitting). These camps teach the vital vitamin intake, cleanliness, and other health issues which promote child health and prevent so many childhood illnesses.

Wasting disease is common in the majority of the mothers

At each camp a selected group of the Tea Garden population will be brought together for a day. They are taught, fed and then given help on who to contact (possibly our support worker, Mamony) to take them forward with helping their own families. Due to Covid-19 restrictions we will be starting with small groups of mothers first, to help them with their young children.

One camp costs just £250 to arrange, so we are fundraising to try and reach as many of these parents as possible, in order to help the next generation and take them out of a lifetime of malnourishment.

To help us reach and help these beautiful people, please donate via the fundraising on our Facebook page:

Dhan'yabāda / Thank you.


Due to the desperate need for education for the Tea Garden mothers, on nutrition, sanitation, health matters etc, we have now trained up two Healthcare Workers. The two workers have been trained by Ivan Samadder, our manager on the ground, in general healthcare and nutrition and also by BNSB Eye Hospital on eye and visual problems. These two workers will walk the Tea Gardens and educate the mothers, individually or in groups, six days a week.

The mothers are taught on all aspects of health for their families and how to spot visual problems with their small children. They are also given the names of people to contact in the case of needing help and encouraged to give their children fruit several times a week. As well as being advised to monitor their own nutritional input during pregnancy.

This is the first teaching like this in the Tea Gardens and we are proud to be helping these mothers in the care of their families, to help make a small dent in the lives of many children who are sadly already well acquainted with a childhood full of illness.

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