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Helping the children's parents - UPDATED Aug 2021

Updated: Aug 6, 2021

As well as helping Tea Garden children who are going blind, we are also now able to help some of their parents.

Due to various social, nutritional and premature ageing factors, Tea Garden adults can start to go blind from cataracts by the age of 40. This can have a devastating effect on their ability to run the household, bring in an income and care for their children.

Vision for Bangladesh has arranged some Eye Screening Camps for these adults within the Tea Gardens and found that at least 50% of the adults who attended these camps have cataracts.

Even in the early stages of a cataract developing there will be an impact on their daily life.

These images show photos of adults before and after their surgery, fully funded by VFB.

Their smiles tell the story of a life changed and a brighter future ahead.

One lady after surgery returned to her house the next day and was seen cleaning all the floors in her dark glasses, as even with these on she had more sight than before!

We love this photo!

Thank you for all the support you give to this special work.


Due to continuing financial support we are now able to make Eye Camps for adults a permanent work with the Tea Garden people. We aim to fund an Eye Camp every month in different Tea Gardens for parents and grandparents going blind, who are unable to support their families with finances from the picking of tea. Many of the adults of these abandoned people go blind silently, with no help available to them, yet all some of these adults need is just a pair of glasses. At £8 a pair, the cost effectiveness of keeping that parent at work, is actually priceless.

The camps are a one day event, staffed by BNSB Eye Hospital, who screen all the attendees for visual problems and then treat them with sight saving surgery or glasses. All treatment is funded by Vision for Bangladesh. The photos below tell the story of these eye camps.

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