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Khadiza's Story

Updated: May 10, 2020

In 2019 the charity was contacted on Facebook by a young man called Sham. He lived in a remote village in Bangladesh and had a young girl living next door who was going blind. Sham wrote and asked if we could help her.

Khadiza was 14 years old and dropping out of school due to the reduction in her vision. Her father was worried but too poor to afford transport to the hospital, let alone treatment.

We arranged for Khadiza to go to the eye hospital in Moulvibazar accompanied by Sham and her father. It can be very frightening for some people to even leave their village and Sham said he would make sure Khadiza and her father had help in navigating the hospital and seeing the right doctor when they got there.

The hospital was expecting Khadiza, the team examined her and said she needed cataract surgery.

There is a fund we have given the hospital solely for such cases as Khadiza's, so her surgery was covered financially. Two days later Khadiza returned to the hospital, with her father, where she received her surgery and returned home the next day.

Two weeks later Khadiza was back at school and resuming her education.

The charity would like to thank Sham for his concern as a 'good neighbour' and recognise the way he oversaw Khadiza’s journey.

We encourage any communication through Facebook to be able to reach people in trouble in remote areas and will always do the best we can to get patients seen, and treated, and where necessary pay for the transport to make sure that happens.

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1 Comment

Sham Khan Rasel
Sham Khan Rasel
Jun 29, 2021

Now she is okay, and everything was possible for Vision For Bangladesh. Thanks Rachel Andrews

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