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Special Appeal for Sapnil (& Covid-19 updates)

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

21 September 2020:

Our Tea Garden support worker, Mamony, found Sapnil in Khejurichora Tea Garden while we were testing the children's vision. Due to extreme poverty, Sapnil has never seen a doctor and he has a large tumour on his nose that continues to grow.

We immediately sent Sapnil for tests to Sylhet hospital and discovered that surgery was possible, at the cost of £300.

So we asked our loyal Facebook supporters to help us fund this special case and give Sapnil the chance of a life free from stigma and teasing from other children at school. Even the smallest donation was so important for this little boy. Thank you to anyone who can help us to fund his operation. We will post photos after to thank everyone.

UPDATE: 25 Sept 2020

Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who generously donated towards Sapnil's operation. We reached our goal in 3 days - fantastic!

As we post he has arrived, with his father, in Sylhet hospital, Bangladesh. In the next couple of days he will have his operation and we will keep you up dated on how he gets on. We value your prayers for this little boy, asking God to guide the surgeon's hands, to keep Sapnil safe, to do a wonderful job for him.

UPDATE: 11 Nov 2020

Sadly Sapnil's surgery was postponed due to Covid-19, so he is still waiting for his surgery to go ahead. He has been home since he went to the hospital but had to return again to wait for his operation turn. They have also taken blood from a relative in case of bleeding, as there are no blood banks.

We will keep you updated.

For further updates keep an eye on our Facebook page:

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