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This photo captures everything we're about.

They say a picture paints a thousand words.

We were sent this picture from Bangladesh last week, and we wanted to share it with you because it just happens to paint the reason we started the Vision for Bangladesh charity.

Needless blindness.

Blind grandfather with grandson who received treatment

With no money, no education, and no access to free healthcare, so many people in Bangladesh go needlessly blind.

The boy in this photo is called Hussain. He is with his grandfather, who sadly went blind, due to their extreme poverty.

As a charity, we are sad it is too late to help the older generation, where blindness is irreversible.

But we can help the present generation, enabling them to see a professional doctor and get sight-saving medicine, especially in cases where there is a risk of total blindness.

Even today, the poorest people in Bangladesh are paid no more than £1 for a full day's work. So children often drop out of school by the age of 10 years old to earn money, or look after other children and help the family. This lack of education ensures they remain in the clutches of extreme poverty, and the vicious circle starts all over again.

We are actively seeking out children that need our help; arranging transport and funding treatment (including surgery where needed), to stop the ensuing blindness and save sight.

Hussain is one of these children and he was seen last week at the hospital and given the treatment he needed to make sure he never has to go through what his grandfather did. This makes us so happy and proves we can make a difference, not just for the child, but for the whole family.

There are countless more children in need of treatment, and one by one we want to eradicate needless blindness in Bangladesh and change lives.

But, we can't do it without your help.

If you would like to join with us in this mission, and would be able to donate even a small amount as a one-off gift or regular donation, please visit our donate page for more information.

There are thousands more children like Hussain waiting for us to find them.

Thank you. We literally can't do it without you.

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