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Children of the Tea Garden

The childhood mortality in Bangladesh is 48 out of 1,000 births, but for the Tea Garden people it's even higher as a mothers diet is not able to sustain a pregnancy. Sadly the diet of extreme poverty is mainly rice.

Many children die in the first year of life and 50% of children are anaemic.

83% of a child's diet is rice, so vital vitamins are lacking from most family meals.

All this leads to a childhood of illness, malnutrition and stunted growth stunted.

Education is rare too. Some Tea Garden's have rudimentary schools, but by the age of 10 most children are already working to help the family income.

However, children in the Tea Garden find amazing ways to use homemade items for amusement too.

The following videos provide a lovely couple of examples.

A leaf sleigh ride:

A plastic bottle for a football:

And you can't beat a flip flop selfie!

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